About Me

Hi, I’m Dan and this is my stats / data science blog. If data science is a spectrum between statistics and computer science, I lean towards the statistics end of the spectrum. When I’m not doing data-related things I’m running long distances, ideally in the mountains. Every so often my two passions come together.

Data Science is a field where you are constantly learning new ways to analyse data. As part of my learning process whether it’s a new technique, something I need to brush up on or learning how to use an R package, I create examples for reference later. I share these examples with others to help them with their studies or projects. The primary reason why I started this blog was to have a central place to keep these examples and tutorials for myself and share them with others.

The ultrarunning part is the next biggest thing that consumes my day. I don’t have much of a presence on other social platforms (except for maybe Strava and Twitter) so I created this space not only for statistics and R but for running as well, as insight into what makes me tick. Every now and then these two things come together. When they do I’ll share them here. Even if they don’t, I might just share my thoughts here anyway.

Thanks for visiting Gradient Descending!

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