About Me

Rebranded as a Data Scientist but a Statistician at heart. Finding useful things to do with data.


I’ve always loved maths. I love how you can write down a set of equations and analytically work out the answer.

But I’ve always been more interested in the things where there may not be one answer, but many, like what card is on top of the deck? Or how many people will be lining up to order a coffee and will I make it back in time for my meeting? It’s all probabilities.

I have a background in applied statistics, mathematics, and survey sampling, and an experienced data practitioner. Constantly learning and experimenting.

My focus is primarily in the public sector using ML and statistical methods to make decisions, automate processes, and build organisational capabilities. I tend to use Bayesian methods where appropriate for analysis and inference

I’m interested in the new wave of GenAI technologies and their applications within the government and the private sector.


If I’m not doing data-related things I’m usually running, ideally in the mountains

Sometimes mountain biking.

The sun setting through a dense forest.

Or just being a Dad.

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