Season 10 is now included in {alone} v0.3

Another great season of Alone has finished. I’ve now included all data in the {alone} R package. Version 0.3 is now on CRAN, or you can install from Github.

It was a tough season, 50% of the survivalists tapped out by day 23. The winner of season 10, Alan Tenta, won in 66 days, the 3rd lowest out of the 10 seasons. While there were some big fish being caught it got rough once the snow rolled in.

This season was set in Reindeer Lake in Western Canada located on the border between north-eastern Saskatchewan and north-western Manitoba, with the majority in Saskatchewan. It is the most remote location they have been so far. An interesting analysis would be to compare the survival rate of those at Reindeer Lake with seasons set in British Columbia (seasons 1, 2, 4, 8) or the Northwest Territories (seasons 6, 7).

Here are a few resources:

If you have any suggestions for data to include, let me know.

Happy analysing!

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