Social Network Analysis – Survivor: David vs. Goliath Ep5

In episode 5 we saw some big moves. Dan struck gold again finding a clue to another hidden immunity idol which was hidden at the immunity challenge. It was a daring move but he managed to sneak it out undetected, in his underpants as per usual.

In an intense immunity challenge Vuku and Tiva won immunity sending Jabeni to tribal. Tribal turned into a market place where jackets were¬†bargained and hold as much value as votes. Ultimately, Natalie’s demanding ‘my way or the highway’ attitude was too much for Jabeni and as a result sent her packing. It was a blindside for Natalie but probably should have been expected.

This is how the graph is shaping up. Lyrsa and Nick have voted together on two occasions tightening their bond. Voting with Mike has made a connection to the former Goliath tribe.

View the full page plot

For details on the graph see my previous post. Here is the full graph including those voted off.

View the full page plot

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