Social Network Analysis – Survivor: David vs. Goliath Ep6

In episode 6 again a shattered Jabeni tribe struggled in the immunity challenge and ultimately locking in another date with tribal council. After previous votes Lyrsa expected to be on the chopping block. It was a tough vote for Jabeni and Lyrsa was sent home.

Jabeni is in a lot of trouble, however fortunately for them the merge is on the horizon. This is where the real game starts and we’ll start to see some interesting features in the graph. This is how it is shaping up. Closer links are made between the remaining Jabeni tribe which will be interesting to watch as they enter the merge. Will Mike and Angelina stick with Nick to balance numbers? Carl is looking isolated which could be beneficial heading into the merge and becoming a swing vote

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For details on the graph see my previous post. Here is the full graph including those voted off.

View the full page plot

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