Social Network Analysis – Survivor: David vs Goliath Ep8

Brilliant! That’s why we love Survivor.

Dan dominated the immunity challenge and was safe at tribal. Not that he needed it given he has two idols in his pocket. Mike forged an alliance against Christian and had the numbers on his side. What he didn’t expect was Davie playing his idol for Christian. What no one saw coming (including Dan) was Dan playing an idol to save Angelina. With Christian safe it was expected the other votes would go towards Angelina. In part correct, however Christian, Davie and Nick voted for John in a blindside move.

The graph is showing one clear feature, it’s David vs Goliath. The David’s were right to say that if they don’t make a big move they will be picked off by the Goliath’s one by one.  While the Goliath’s still have the numbers this move has definitely shaken up the game. Using machine learning models on top of this graph should now produce some good results which will be the focus of the next post.

View the full page plot

For details on the graph see my previous post. Here is the full graph including those voted off.

View the full page plot

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