survivoR 2.1.0 is now available

Good news everyone! survivoR 2.1.0 is now available. New features, more data, and a rad new hex.

New features

Included in this release:

  1. Complete Season 44 (US44), UK Season 1 (UK01), and NZ Season 2 (NZ02) data
  2. Confessional timing app built with R Shiny (see below)
  3. Confessional times for US44 and UK01
  4. result_number on castaways
  5. New features on castaway_details
    • lgbt+ flag
    • three_words – the answer to the question “Three words to describe you”.
    • hobbies
    • pet_peeves

Confessional timing app

The most exciting feature of this release is the confessional timing app.

From season 43 instead of counting confessionals, which can be problematic, I wrote a basic app to help me time confessionals instead. I’ve polished this up and included it in the package.

You can select any season from the US, AU, SA, NZ, or UK versions. Fairly basic functionality, when they start talking hit ‘start’, when they stop hit ‘stop’. At the end of the episode, ‘show counts’ will calculate the counts from the time stamps using the 10-second rule.

To run the app,


When finished hit ‘close app’. Some code will be returned to aggregate the time stamps.

At this stage, confessional timing only exists for seasons US43, US44, AU08, and UK01. If you are rewatching a season I’d love to include the times in the package 🙂

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