{survivoR} 2.3.3 is now available

Wrapping up season 46 and time for another release of survivoR. A few new things in this release including two new datasets.

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As usual, if you find any issues, raise an issue on Git – survivoR issues

For non-R users, it’s free to download from Google Sheets.

If you just want the stats you can head over to The Sanctuary


  • New seasons:
    • US46
  • New datasets added:
    • episode_summary – the summary of the episode from Wikipedia
    • challenge_summary – a summarised version of challenge_results for easy analysis
  • New fields added:
    • team on challenge_results – identifying the team that the castaways were on during the challenge

Episode Summary

I have included the episode summary extracts from Wikipedia that detail the events of the episode. It usually includes pre-challenge events and discussions of strategy, challenge description and results, strategy discussions amongst the tribe heading to Tribal Council, and the result. It may be interesting for NLP type applications.

> episode_summary
# A tibble: 647 × 4
   version version_season episode episode_summary                                                                                       
   <chr>   <chr>            <dbl> <chr>                                                                                                 
 1 US      US01                 1 "The two tribes paddled their way to their respective beaches on a raft with meager supplies. Upon ar…
 2 US      US01                 2 "Following their Tribal Council, Tagi found its fish traps still empty. Disappointed that Rudy was no…
 3 US      US01                 3 "At the Tagi tribe, Stacey still wanted to get rid of Rudy and tried to create a girl alliance to do …
 4 US      US01                 4 "At Pagong, Ramona started to feel better after having been sick and tried to begin pulling her weigh…
 5 US      US01                 5 "At Tagi, Dirk and Sean were still trying to fish instead of helping around camp, but to no avail. Su…
 6 US      US01                 6 "Both tribes were wondering what the merge was going to be like. Tagi was afraid due to their numeric…
 7 US      US01                 7 "The day after Pagong voted Joel out, one person from each tribe went to the opposite tribe's camp an…
 8 US      US01                 8 "At camp, the remaining members of the former Pagong tribe felt vulnerable because the Tagi tribe had…
 9 US      US01                 9 "While Richard was catching fish, the other players began to realize that nobody voted him out becaus…
10 US      US01                10 "Some people were happy that Jenna was voted out because she was getting on everyone's nerves. Everyo…
# ℹ 637 more rows
# ℹ Use `print(n = ...)` to see more rows

Challenge Summary

When I was making some charts for The Sanctuary and specifically the challenge score I realised it was quite difficult to summarise the challenge_results table to the different types of challenges e.g. individual immunity. There are a few edge cases where there are combined challenges e.g. Team / Individual Immunity and Reward challenges where a team will win reward and the last person standing on each team wins immunity. So there are 3 winning outcomes – reward only, immunity only, and immunity and reward for the last person standing.

To make it easier to summarise I created challenge_summary. It looks like this…

> challenge_summary
# A tibble: 50,428 × 12
   category version_season challenge_id challenge_type      outcome_type tribe  castaway_id castaway n_entities n_winners n_in_team   won
   <chr>    <chr>                 <dbl> <chr>               <chr>        <chr>  <chr>       <chr>         <int>     <int>     <int> <dbl>
 1 All      US01                      1 Immunity and Reward Tribal       Pagong US0002      B.B.              2         1         8     1
 2 All      US01                      1 Immunity and Reward Tribal       Pagong US0004      Ramona            2         1         8     1
 3 All      US01                      1 Immunity and Reward Tribal       Pagong US0006      Joel              2         1         8     1
 4 All      US01                      1 Immunity and Reward Tribal       Pagong US0007      Gretchen          2         1         8     1
 5 All      US01                      1 Immunity and Reward Tribal       Pagong US0008      Greg              2         1         8     1
 6 All      US01                      1 Immunity and Reward Tribal       Pagong US0009      Jenna             2         1         8     1
 7 All      US01                      1 Immunity and Reward Tribal       Pagong US0010      Gervase           2         1         8     1
 8 All      US01                      1 Immunity and Reward Tribal       Pagong US0011      Colleen           2         1         8     1
 9 All      US01                      1 Immunity and Reward Tribal       Tagi   US0001      Sonja             2         1         8     0
10 All      US01                      1 Immunity and Reward Tribal       Tagi   US0003      Stacey            2         1         8     0
# ℹ 50,418 more rows
# ℹ Use `print(n = ...)` to see more rows

The other challenge datasets can be easily joined to this table. challenge_summary is not MECE, for example, the category contains ‘All’, ‘Individual’, ‘Individual Reward’, and ‘Individual Immunity’, to name a few. The results are counted separately for each category. You will need to filter for the right category before using the table.

Not every castaway is counted in every category. If they didn’t make it to the merge they didn’t compete in an individual challenge (except in some edge cases). Rather than their record being 0, they are not featured in that category. See Github for more details.

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