Tidy Tuesday week 42: Taylor Swift

This week we’re looking at Taylor Swift songs and albums from the {taylor} R package.

Don’t know a lot about Taylor Swift to be honest – more of a metalhead – except that the Eras tour is killing it and she is on track to be the youngest self-made billionaire. Wild.

I decided to look up the Eras setlist and map each song to the album. There is a tonne of other information in the package so doubled down and crammed in as much as I could without it looking too overdone.

The albums are positioned by their Metacritic rating showing that her critical reception has been getting better and better. For style, I had the record half out of the album cover, and in the center is the user rating for each album for comparison.

I used {ggbump} to get the neat lines to their respective songs on the setlist. I added the energy measure to each song so you can see the more energetic and relaxed moments of the set.

Lastly, I added a key of 4 dots which represent the energy, tempo, valence, and danceability of the album. Looks like ‘1989’ is her most energetic and danceable album whereas ‘Folklore’ is more mellow. See the legend for more.

Would love to do this for Metallica or Mastodon 🤘

Code 👉 Github

The legend was tricky so I ended up doing that in PowerPoint. Shhh.

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