Throughout the season we are awarded points for: Description Points
Boot order Points for correct boot e.g. Predicted 3rd, actual 3rd, X points. Remainder for close predictions e.g. predicted 4, actual 2nd, X - 2 = Y points 3
Tribal challenges Point per castaway in your tribe in the winning tribe 1
Individual challenges Points for inidividual challenge win 3
Sole Survivor Points for guessing the Sole Survivor 10
Finalist Points for each member of your tribe if they are a finalist / runner up 3
Advantages: Found Points finding an advantage 2
Advantages: Successful play Points for playing the advantage successfully. A successful play means the result would not have occurred without playing the advantage 2
Advantages: Voted out with Points for being voted out with the advantage -2
Votes Point for receiving a vote -1
Jury Points per castaway that make the jury 2