The Sanctuary: Stats and data from {survivoR}

I wanted a space to throw all my tables and charts made using the {survivoR} R package into, so I started The Sanctuary (built with Quarto, of course). It has interactive tables about the castaways, challenges, voting history, confessionals, episode details, and a bunch more.

While there is a lot of data out there about Survivor it’s rarely all in one place. This provides a view of castaways across seasons and various stats. There won’t be a lot of explanation or in-depth analysis, just a truckload of data, tables, and charts to explore. Longer form posts will remain on the blog.

The Sanctuary is updated regularly during seasons and whenever new data hits Git. It’s the companion for the {survivoR} package.


I won’t share too much here, I’ll let you explore for yourself, but here is an idea of what you can find.

Tribal Council Success: Top 10 Castaways

The score is a measure of how many Tribal Councils they survived, the difficulty of surviving the vote (e.g surviving a Tribal with 4 people is harder than surviving one with 12), and how many votes they copped. Denise, Sandra, and Stephanie take out the top 3 spots.

Survivor vote history stats and score table from The Sanctuary

Full table

Individual Immunity Wins: Top 10 Castaways

The challenge score is a measure of challenge success. For individual immunity challenges Ozzy takes out the top spot followed by Brad Culpepper in season 34 Games Changers and Mike Holloway in Season 30 Worlds Apart.

Survivor individual immunity challenge stats and score table from The Sanctuary

Full table

Season IMDb ratings: Top 10 highest rated seasons

The highest rated season based on IMDb ratings is season 31 Cambodia, the second chance season, followed by season 40 Winners at War and Season 20 Heroes vs Villains. The top 3 are all returnee seasons. The 4th highest rated season is season 7 Pearl Islands, which is also the highest rated all newbie season.

Survivor season IMDb rating table from The Sanctuary

Full table

Confessionals: Top 10 castaways with the most confessionals

Russell Hantz still holds the most number of coveralls in a season, which is going to be hard to beat. The next two are Rob Cesternino and Colby Donaldson to round out the top 3.

Survivor congressional stats table from The Sanctuary

Full table

Anyway, expect more things as time goes on.

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